all about bed bugs control

Bed bugs control sounds like a bad dream, but it is actually a common conversation topic. “Do not let the bed bugs bite” used to be a good night joke, but these pesky vermin are a real life nightmare. What are they; where are they showing up; how are they getting here; why are they back on the scene; and who is this affecting? Here are some answers:
- What are they? These pests are formally called cimex lectularius. Back in our ancestors’ days, they were so common that people knew to pull back their bed sheets at night in order to scan for them. They also checked their laundry or dry cleaning before bringing it back into the house and looked over the child clothing after the kids returned from school or sleepovers. The bugs look like black seeds and leave dark flecks of excrement in their wake.
- Where are they? Even though their name implies that they would only turn up in your bed at night, this is not the case. They can show up in an array of places. They especially like fabric and wooden items, but are not limited to this. The population of cimex lectularius has tripled in the last five years. They have, in fact, been spotted all over, including many prestigious and unlikely places. Examples of their infestation sites have included public libraries, government offices, magazine editors’ suites, firehouses and dental offices. They can hide in chairs, carpeting, couches, and nestled among the books upon shelves. The thought of it is certainly enough to make a reader begin to itch.
- How are they getting here? These insects can travel in your pockets, clothing, backpacks, suitcases, shoes, hats or socks. It is presumed that they are traveling in from other countries with globetrotting world citizens.
- Why are they back on the scene? The main reasons that the bed bugs are back in the pest spotlight is because of lack of vigilance, less effective pesticides and the propensity of world travel. Lack of vigilance is referring to the fact that many people thought these insects were childhood myths like cooties or the boogie man and so did not really look for them. Guess what? They are real. Less effective pesticides exist today because some of the deadliest types have been taken off the market. While that is good news for humans who could become sick from those pesticide big guns, it is bad news because the pests are living through the milder doses. World travelers just need to be careful where they sleep and of what lurks in their clothing as they board airplanes.
- Who is this affecting? The rising level of infestation of bed bugs is affecting people all over, rich or poor, in prestigious office buildings to slums. While some tend to have emotional melt downs when they find that their home or office is rampant with the pesky specks due to their feeling dirty or “less than,” cimex lectularius show up without regard to socioeconomic status or hygiene level.
If a person suspects an infestation, they should call an exterminator who specializes in bed bugs control.